Stakeholder Assessment

Photo: Noah Couser

In September, Glacier Country Tourism (GCT) kicked off a year-long destination stewardship planning process needed to balance visitor growth with the long-term health and vibrancy of Montana’s communities, natural resources and quality of life for our residents. 

The stakeholder survey is an important assessment of each of our eight counties strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.

The assessment takes the form of a 360-degree survey of key stakeholders in tourism, business, education, and government who would all find themselves impacted by Glacier Country Tourism’s ability to attract and inspire visitors to our region. The results of the survey will essentially be a report card for the health and benchmarking of Western Montana’s Glacier Country as a destination.

We are asking civic and community leaders, along with businesses impacted by the tourism industry to participate in this important assessment of the visitor economy. The survey is comprehensive. Questions are simple and represent a broad set of topics addressing various elements of your county – including some elements which may seem beyond the scope of Glacier Country Tourism’s work, but indeed are relevant to and may impact visitors’ experiences. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

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