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Our Plan

Glacier Country Tourism DMO Plan and Budget

Glacier Country Tourism’s approved DMO plan* and budget can be found on the Montana Office of Tourism (BrandMT) intranet site or by clicking here. Past budgets and total bed tax collection reports are posted on BrandMT’s site as well. All bed tax collection figures are total collections of the 4% Lodging Facility Use Tax and do not show the statutory distributions to all funding recipients, including Glacier Country Tourism.

2023 – 2024 DMO Plan and Budget

2022 – 2023 DMO Plan and Budget

*Glacier Country Regional Tourism Commission is commonly referred to as a destination marketing organization (DMO). Organizations are commonly referred to as DMOs even though they may serve more as destination management or stewardship organizations. For more details, please read our DMO plan.

The knowledgeable team at Glacier Country Tourism has helped us connect to the visitor and neighboring communities to really provide quality info to our guests. We have seen increased web traffic through Glacier Country Tourism online referrals. We have loved connecting with other regional tourism businesses to promote our area the best we can to the visitor. We love Glacier Country Tourism, their staff, the members and the incredible board we have had the pleasure to work with!

- Amber Pacheco-Holm, Montana Sky