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MMGY NextFactor is an industry-leading consulting firm specializing in travel and tourism. Our team of experts has delivered insights and strategies to more than 250 destinations across the globe. We empower our clients and the travel industry at large to deliver sustainable growth to visitor economies and build stronger communities.

We believe in the transformative power of travel. We realize that to be a leader in the tourism sector today is to be an architect of future economies, societies and possibilities. We provide the intelligence, insight and inspiration these leaders require to make a meaningful, sustainable and equitable difference in their communities.

In 2019, we joined forces with MMGY Global, the world’s largest integrated marketing company specializing in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. As part of the MMGY Global family, our clients have access to insights and experts across multiple agencies throughout the world.

Creating a thriving destination requires more than attracting travelers. As never before, leaders are faced with creating flourishing tourism economies while addressing complex challenges. One-dimensional solutions can fall short of achieving desired results.

Better Destinations offers a better way. This flexible consulting practice is founded on a belief that healthy visitor ecosystems grow from addressing a holistic range of considerations. Better Destinations is equipped to assist leaders in maximizing the benefits of tourism while addressing impacts to achieve overall positive outcomes, including stakeholder support.

Drawing from nearly a decade of experience as state tourism director for two powerhouse states, Cathy Ritter has deep experience in developing customized, insight-led solutions to pressing tourism challenges. A specialty is action-oriented destination management planning, especially relating to sustainable or regenerative tourism. Another is guiding creation of initiatives to address specific objectives, whether low-impact tourism, visitor preparedness, inclusivity, workforce development or other interests.

Better Destinations is fueled by the power of partnership. Like few others, it offers a record of success in bringing people together to create timely and innovative solutions. It also draws strength from a deep awareness of emerging trends and readiness to leverage the right expert resources, whether local or global.