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Western Montana's Glacier Country Community Event Marketing Assistance Program

The Community Event Marketing Assistance Program, offered through Western Montana's Glacier Country, assists communities within the Glacier Country region to promote out-of-area attendance and increase nonresident visitor commerce and community revenue. This program is for either 1) existing events that have been consistently held in a community and have a demonstrated history of economic impact for that community or for 2) new events that can demonstrate through the submission process the event will generate out-of-area revenue coming into the community. This program is paid for and managed by Western Montana's Glacier Country. Events, creative and target markets must align with Western Montana's Glacier Country’s brand and strategic plan. Funding is strictly used for paid promotions on Facebook and Instagram.


The community event must be held in the Glacier Country region, which includes Flathead, Glacier, Lake, Lincoln, Mineral, Missoula, Ravalli and Sanders counties. The event organizer must be an eligible entity based in-region and be either a tribal government; a primary, registered nonprofit 501(c) organization; a city government; or a county government. Eligible entities are limited to two submission events per fiscal year, one in the warm season (June – October) and one in the off-season (November – May). The eligible entity must also be the primary organizer of the community event. Events are not eligible for assistance in back-to-back years.


The purpose, content and/or material aspect of the community event must be suitable for audiences of all ages. Some event-based activities are not eligible to be considered for funding, including but not limited to county and community fairs, school and league tournaments, high-school and family reunions, professional events, or sporting and/or other events that are not identified as an interest to nonresident visitors, as well as members-only events.


Each awarded event will receive $500 of in-kind marketing assistance; a match is not required, however, the eligible entity may contribute additional funds to the campaign. Additionally, awarded events will be promoted on with a 30-day event package worth $700 in-kind value.

  • Featured event listing on for the month ($75 value)
  • Run-of-site banner ads on for the month ($120 value)
  • 728 x 90, 300 x 250 and 320 x 50 (ad specs)

Facebook and Instagram paid event and/or click to web ads for one month ($500 paid promotion)

  • Ads placed through Glacier Country pages
  • Linked to Facebook event or event webpage
  • Promoted to your target audience (geographic markets, demographic, interests and behaviors)


The Event Application Cycle is ongoing with two event packages per month awarded. Submissions are considered, reviewed and awarded on an ongoing basis until 24 events are awarded for the upcoming fiscal year (July 2024 – June 2025). A determination of award and award amount will be made within 30 business days from the date of completed submission. A high level of concentration will be given to events held in rural communities. Western Montana's Glacier Country will provide detailed reporting of the media placements.