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Yellowstone Country Travel Updates

Dear Glacier Country Partners,

As many of you may have read in the news, our neighbors in Yellowstone National Park, Stillwater, Park and Carbon Counties are experiencing extreme weather and flooding. In addition to substantial flooding, rockslides and mudslides have closed some roadways and all of the entrances into Yellowstone National Park are temporarily closed as of today. 

How can you help? You can make sure your frontline workers are apprised as to what is going on and help direct people to accurate and timely information. Because many visitors coming to Montana often travel a park-to-park route, it’s important that we help spread the message before travelers head in that direction. You may also receive an uptick in inquiries about reservations as people’s travel plans are necessarily changed. has travel updates including links to road conditions, Yellowstone National Park Updates, and County Alerts for both Stillwater and Carbon County. 

There are also links and instructions of how to sign up for text alerts. 

We thank you for your partnership and your assistance in communicating this important information. 

Sincerely yours,
Racene Friede
President CEO Glacier Country Tourism