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Business Listings

Glacier Country Tourism not only features our partners on GlacierMT.com, we also pull business listings from Montana Office of Tourism Business Development’s database. These listings provide useful information and assist our visitors in planning their trip to Western Montana.

MOTBD Business Listing
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MOTBD Business Listing on GlacierMT.com

Listing Guidelines

To list your business with the state is free, but you must follow these guidelines.
  • Your business must support their mission to promote Montana to non-resident visitors.
  • Your business must be a tourism related business, typical industries included but aren’t limited to:
    • Lodging
      • Lodging facilities must provide Tax ID number
    • Dining
    • Outfitters/Guides
      • Outfitters/Guides must provide license number
    • Sporting goods stores
    • Sporting good equipment rental
    • Visit http://data.visitmt.com/data/type to see if your industry can be listed
      • Grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, churches, and banks are not accepted
    • Your business must be in Montana
At http://business.visitmt.com you’ll find detailed instructions on how to create a new listing, update your current listing, claim your listing, or create an event listing. For your convenience, here are instructions as well.