Glaciers to Geysers Niche Market Campaigns Launched

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The Glaciers to Geysers program is a joint venture niche marketing campaign with Yellowstone Country Montana that focuses on scenic byways between Montana’s iconic national parks–Glacier and Yellowstone.

This program began in FY 2019, targeting the niche market snowmobiling. That campaign was supported by digital and print ads in SnowGoer and SnoWest magazines, with a 12-page inset in SnoWest. Additionally, we distributed more than 25,000 of the 12-page snowmobile guides nationally.

In spring of FY 2019, we launched a Glaciers to Geysers motorcycle campaign. It was supported by a 12-page inset in RoadRunner magazine and with digital ad placements across the Bonnier Motorcycle Network. The digital campaign for these two campaigns generated over 1.1 million ad impressions.

This winter we added a winter activity campaign targeting Nordic ski, downhill ski and winter adventure (dog sledding, ice climbing and more). This campaign was supported with an investment from Glacier Country of $20,000 in digital ads for these 10 geographic markets: Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis, Houston, Alberta, Chicago, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco and Dallas.

Next spring Glacier Country will invest $20,000 in the museum market. Total FY 2020 investment in Glaciers to Geysers will be $70,000. View our latest content at