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Glacier Country Tourism

WHO WE ARE Glacier Country Regional Tourism Commission is a nonprofit organization dedicated to a balanced partnership among eight western Montana counties (Flathead, Glacier, Lake, Lincoln, Mineral, Missoula, Ravalli, and Sanders), Glacier National Park, and other entities.

MISSION Glacier Country Tourism partners with our Western Montana communities to welcome visitors and support livelihoods while protecting quality of life, extraordinary outdoor resources, and cultural heritage.

VISION Glacier Country Tourism will be the leading destination steward of our region's cultural heritage and natural environment, balancing the quality of life of our residents with the quality of our visitor experiences.

We create a destination organization plan yearly to:

  1. BE an advocate for Western Montana
  2. ENCOURAGE responsible tourism and recreation
  3. ENHANCE experiences in rural communities
  4. SHAPE demand and disperse visitors
  5. FOSTER stronger stakeholder alignment and collaboration

VALUES STATEMENT We will passionately pursue our mission with honesty, integrity, equality and respect.

HONESTY Operate fairly and with transparency to earn the trust of public and private partners, members and the travel and tourism industry at large.

INTEGRITY Exercise sound judgment and leadership benefiting residents and visitors to Western Montana.

EQUALITY + RESPECT Celebrate and honor the diversity of Glacier Country’s communities, cultures and natural beauty to foster a united sense of place.

Glacier Country Tourism’s professional, dedicated and enthusiastic board and staff love promoting Western Montana’s Glacier Country as a travel destination.

These are the following qualities we value most:

  • Leadership/Integrity/Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Stewardship
  • Inclusiveness/Diversity
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Travel/Adventure/Experience/Fun/Excitement
  • Community
  • Sustainability/Resilience